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ColorsLost.org Dedicated to all Marines that have preserved liberty around the world!

The Lost Japanese Colors

Signers of the Flag: Home in 1945

The flag was purchased this last year for the sole purpose of preserving its history.  It measures 40" x 57" and is a rather large flag in comparison to other personal Japanese flags. The plan is to track down the living signers and to get the history and the circumstances that brought all of these Marines together at that point in time.  This will be a work in progress.  I have taken detailed pictures of all the signatures and will post those along with the information that I find out about that Marine.  If I am able to get in touch with the Marine, I will post what I find out.  I will also post close up pictures of the Japanese words.  In the center of the flag, I have been since told that it includes the name Hideki Tojyo, Victory, Okinawa, and Japan but I am not sure if this translation is correct. If you have any questions, please email me at Admin@colorslost.org.  Thanks!

Walter K. Blodgett
Roy Booth
James E. Campbell
Robert T. Cary
John O. Cronin
Bob Curran
Allen W. Dilley
Thomas Edward Dooling
James J. Duddy
Harry G. Fedorchak
Anthony JR Gaita
James Harrison
James F. Herbert
Eugene Hockstad
John W. Hook
Fred A. Huff
Elmer Karchner
Roscoe Keyser
Richard W. Lamm
Howard C. Landis
Lonnie A. Maulelin
Art Miller
Leroy Miller
Bob Miller
J.S. Mixon
A.P. Nelson
Robert H. Reynolds
R.A. Sherwood
John G. Stallings
Gerald L. Taillon
John R. Taylor
Robert B. Thomas
Carl H. Tripp
Fred D. Utterback
Bill Wallace
Ted Walters
R.D. Wasson
Leon Wells
Tex Youngdoff
Jersey City New Jersey
Smithshire Illinois
Grand Saline Texas
Everett Mass
New Lexington Ohio
Long Island New York
Davenport Iowa
Bridgeport Conn
Wilkes Barre Penn
Brooklyn New York
Patterson New Jersey
Bellevue KY
Newark New Jersey
Rockford Illinois

Paris Illinois
Hazleton Penn
Grafton West Virginia
Minneapolis Minn
Hellam Penn
Albemarle North Carolina
Vandergrift Penn
Church Point Louisiana
Chicago Illinois
Amite Louisiana
Kalamazoo Michigan
Elgin Kansas
Staten Island New York
Atlanta Georgia
Milwaukee Wisconsin
East Poland Maine
New York City New York
Sioux City Iowa
Dranesville Virginia
Washington Indiana
Seattle Washington

Sedalia Missouri
Houston Texas

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